The Schroth-Barcelona exercises teach a patient how to improve his/her posture with sensory- motor and kinesthetic awareness. Breathing exercises are used to expand collapsed areas and reshape the body.


How can Scoliosis and Kyphosis be treated based on principles of the Schroth- Barcelona Institute?

Trained therapists can classify a curve and give patients curve specific exercises. This method inspired by the "Schroth method" originated in Germany in 1921 by Katherine Schroth and was made popular by her daughter Christa Lehnert Schroth.
Elena Salva a physical therapist who learned the "Schroth Method" from both of these women, started her own clinic in Barcelona, Spain. Today the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School is run by Elena Salva's daughter,  Dr. Gloria Salva, and her son in law, Dr. Manuel Rigo.




What are therapy goals?

The goal of therapy is to slow curve progression with the possibility of improving the Cobb angle, decrease pain, and improve postural awareness throughout the day during activities of daily living.